Transformation Tuesday: New basement in a weekend……

Sooooo, do you remember that video I posted way back on Labor Day weekend about the “new basement in a weekend”????



Wellllllllll, like a lot of remodeling projects we ran into a few speed bumps.  BUT, we finished in time for my client to host an awesome super bowl party! Take a look at her basement transformation!

Just like many of you, our project began with a hot Friday night date to Lowe’s! (Actually, this IS my idea of great date night, sad but true) We found cabinets to extend the bar and chose our tile, flooring and wall color.



After waiting and waiting and waiting a little more for our contractor, who shall remain nameless, to work on the basement, our project finally was finished!!!

Now for the fun part to start…….SHOPPING!!!


My client wanted her basement to be a space that was great for entertaining, whether it is for her kids or a grown up party. Speaking of the kids….. that was our reason why we chose a luxury vinyl tile for most of the basement. J Accidents, spills, they happen! But now she doesn’t have to worry (as much) about food and drinks in this space.

And here is the long awaited “new basement in a weekend……plus a month or two….

Let me know what you think about how the space turned out!:)


family room area


home state of Texas represented in the pool table space



the extended bar, my clients favorite part!:)








Transformation Tuesday: Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

BR designs is starting 2016 with a transformation that will make you say, “Hellllooo Doctor!”!

We are renovating a previous urgent care office that is BORRRRIINNNGGG! Yawn! Our design plan for this project is called Rustic Luxe. We will be mixing rustic palette walls with gorgeous crystal chandeliers, salvaged doors and shiny chrome accents. It will make you think you’ve stepped into a Beverly Hills reality tv show! You will completely forget that you are in quite Weldon Springs, MO. 🙂

Here are a few teaser pics to get started….

Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Sneak Peek

A sneak peak of what’s to come…..check out that faucet! Do you see the Swarovski crystal??!!

We are SUPER excited for you to join us on this project and watch this transformation come to life!!

We will be sending out weekly email updates as well as posting pics and short videos on our Facebook page,

If you haven’t already, LIKE our page to keep up with the progress. And if you have a friend who you think would like to follow along we’d LOVE for you to share us!

Thanks for being a friend of Becky Robbins Designs!

See ya!:)

Transformation Tuesday: My Office

My office was a work in progress, as are many of the projects around my house!:) Time, there just never seems to be enough!

When we moved into our home almost 9 years ago the deep rich colors were popular, as you can see in the background of this old Halloween picture.

(That’s Peg & Al Bundy there with Elvis and a punk rock star)

(That’s Peg & Al Bundy there with Elvis and a punk rock star)

About two years ago when I was setting up Becky Robbins Designs headquarters, I decided to lighten everything up, starting with a fresh new paint color. (Repose Gray SW 7015) Next I replaced the old sisal rug with a new geometric in a soft gray.

old office

I’ve always loved the look of built-in bookshelves but didn’t think my hubby really had the time to build them. So, I got busy looking on craigslist. I found 3 7ft. bookshelves that had come out of an old chain bookstore. (Plus I made a great new friend out of the deal) The shelves were that honey oak color and needed a little work, but hey it was a good place to start.

What I thought was going to be an easy fix, became a three-weekend project! Shock!:) But with a little Dougie magic(my husband), some added moldings and a fresh coat of white paint they turned out beautiful!

The Bombay desk was so pretty but the dark color did not fit with my new design and did not fit me. I’ve been a hairdresser for 15 years and I’m more comfortable standing. Lucky for me one of my clients had a project table in their basement they were selling. I’ll take it! A little more white paint and it was ready to go.

When I tell clients I want them to love their space and for the room to be a reflection of them, I really mean that.  I did the same thing in my own office, styling my shelves with items that inspire me and I love. I LOVE apothecary jars and I LOVE the ocean. So I added those to my bookshelves. I always joke that clear is my favorite color but seriously, IT IS!:) I love glass!

The gray metal filing cabinet came from a good friend who had bought out a medical supply business. I had full intentions of repainting it but once I brought it into the room I really liked the contrast. All the other pieces in the room are very polished and this cabinet is a little rustic. Pairing the rustic with the elegant is my favorite style!

In the end I have an office that is not only functional for my business but also inspiring. When I sit in this room I am surrounded by pieces that remind me of my family, friends and personal achievements. I love my space!

If you need help loving your office space Becky Robbins Designs would love to help! Send me an email or give me a call!

IMG_8473 IMG_8474 IMG_8475 IMG_8476

Transformations Tuesday. Tropical inspired guest room on a dime!

Transformations Tuesday. Tropical inspired guest room on a dime!

After working on several rooms in my client’s home she decided next that she wanted to spruce up her guest room.

She already had this bedding set that she loved and wanted to keep in the room along with this beautiful painting that they had purchased on a vacation. Keeping in mind those two special pieces and knowing that she did not want to spend a lot on this room, I had to get creative!

First step, new paint! I pulled a fun soft orange out of the bedding to use as our accent wall and to add a pop of color to the room.

Next, off to the Habitat for Humanity Restore I went!  (Great place! Give it a try sometime, you never know what you’re going to find!) I found a set of bi-fold closet doors in a natural wood color that I decided would make for a great headboard. With a fresh coat of white paint, they were looking good! My next treasure I discovered at the Restore was the great palm tree for $5!!! Sweet! I’m on my way to a truly tropical guest room.

The beautiful painting they had purchased needed a makeover.  I picked up a new bright orange mat and used some of the left over paint from the bi-fold doors to repaint the frame. Wha-la! New picture!

A few accessories from my favorite store HomeGoods® (LOVE), a rope lamp, cute little bench and a metal ‘C’ for the headboard and our room is ready for her guest!

I believe that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful space. With a little creativity and some elbow grease, you too can have a space that you and your guests will LOVE!

IMG_8435 IMG_8436 IMG_8437 IMG_8438

It’s cause for celebration!!!

Not only is BRD turning 2 years old this month, but I have also released the first episode of my web TV show “Love Your Space”! Celebrate with me and watch the episode, comment on it, and share it with your friends! I love helping people love their space, and I need your help to spread the word. Without my clients, fans, friends and family, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. So, thank you for all of your help and support over the last two years! ‪#‎LoveYourSpace‬



Hello and welcome to my blog! Wow, I have a blog!

First off I’d like to say thank you for your interest in Becky Robbins Designs! It has been so exciting turning a passion into a career. I love helping people love their space.

With my philosophy that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful space, I have helped so many clients realize that “hiring a decorator” can be affordable and not intimidating.

I’m here to help you love your space. I can help as little or as much as you need me to. Many of us take pride in saying we have decorated our own home. I don’t want to take that away. Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else to bounce ideas off of. I’m that someone!

For others, the thought of decorating their home can be completely overwhelming and not enjoyable. That’s where I step in a help a little more. I listen to your likes, your dislikes and together we determine your style. I then do the shopping for your homes needs. This may mean shopping for accessories, flooring options, window treatments or furniture. Through continuous communication we narrow down the options until we have a space that reflects you. A space you can relax in and be proud to entertain.

I think that decorating your new space or refreshing your existing space should be an exciting experience! Many of my clients have said, “…working with Becky is like having a friend over. She makes it so much fun!”

My best compliments have been when I get a text from a client at the end of their long day when they finally have a chance to sit down and relax saying, “I love my room!” That truly warms my heart knowing that they love their space.

I look forward to sharing more of my designs and stories with you!

Until next time…..:)