BRD is there every step of the way to make sure every design detail is handled with care, because every decision made impacts another. We’re here to handle the process and take the stress and burden off you so you can handle YOUR life and YOUR priorities and LOVE YOUR SPACE!

—an explanation

It’s a question that people ask at the get go:

“What do you charge?”

The next question is:

“How do you work?”

So here is a basic guide for Full Service projects. (An informed client is a good client. ;-))


I work primarily on an hourly basis. My rate is $150 per hour.

I charge for my assistants’ time when they are working on SketchUp drawings, sourcing products, or visiting a job site or showroom for me for your project.  I do not charge for their time when they accompany me to job sites or meetings….so you don’t get billed for both of us in that instance. I bill once a month, at the end of the month.


You can make an appointment through my office at a cost of $200 for an approximate 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour visit to your job.


After our initial meeting, I write up a Proposal, where I describe the services you are requesting and detail the payments required, etc. If all looks good, you sign the contract and we can get started.

I can typically give you a ballpark range for the design fee for your project when I submit the proposal. That estimate is based on my experience with past projects. However, the big variable here is you and your unique circumstances. Since we are just getting to know each other at this point, please realize that decision making, trust, the need to see many options, etc., all affect the length of the design portion of a job, thereby affecting the fee. While we go to great lengths to get you comfortable with your design and to provide you with options if needed, time spent on continuous revisions and reselections has to be billed.

After a construction project is started, site visits are always done additionally by the hour. Once a week is usually typical to help us keep tabs on things with a good contractor managing your job. We strongly encourage our clients to keep us involved this way, as that’s the best way to ensure the integrity of the design is achieved. Site visits are defined as unscheduled visits done at our convenience, to check on the job. These are not onsite meetings.


If you have a tight deadline or a drop dead date or you need me to jump on your project right now, an additional fee is assessed.


I prefer e-mail and texting to phone calls, because I’m often out driving, on job sites, or in meetings. You’ll get my personal cell # when you sign your contract.

I’m pretty much available anytime, except Sundays please, but again, if it’s after hours, contact me via e-mail or texting if it’s urgent. I feel that if problems arise, they are best handled quickly. I don’t ever do weekend meetings, but I can do a late afternoon meeting during the week, no later than 4:00 pm with a one hour limit.

Please note that I have a great staff that have been hand-picked and trained by me. They handle much of the day to day and production part of the job. On projects, I am the project designer, so all design choices and selections, all design decisions are finalized by me. They may help me with many things throughout the process, from management to errands, and much of your interaction will come through them. However, I am well aware of what’s going on with your project at all times.

I hope this takes some of the fear of the unknown out of working with a designer. It’s here for your information so that you can be better informed when we start.