The Complete Home Remodeling Checklist

by: Becky Robbins

The majority of houses in the U.S. are at least 20 years old. Is it time for your home to have a facelift?

Your home is an investment and naturally you want to take care of that investment with keeping your home in great shape while making it look beautiful. Redecorating, remodeling, and repairing are on the rise because of us all being home more this past year.

The thing is, it's easy to start feeling overwhelmed if you dive into renovations unprepared. We have a great remodeling checklist that will help you stay on track and help you LOVE your space!

Needs and Wants

The first thing you need to do is prioritize your needs and wants. After walking around your home and browsing galleries for inspiration, separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves.

Get the important stuff done before you move on to your dream items. Sometimes you'll discover they're one and the same!

Finance, Insurance, and Permits

Before you can begin to build, you need all of your ducks in a row. That means securing the financing, insurance, and permits necessary to move forward. How do you get what you need for permits? We can do that!

Your design should be finalized in order to present it to the bank if you're asking for a loan. Your home owners association will probably want to go over your ideas too in order to stay in line with their regulations.

To take advantage of the low interest rates now is a great time to consider a cash out refinance to fund your remodel! Take a look at for more information!

Bids and Contractors

Now you can move on to the next phase of your remodel: finding the right person to take on the task of bringing your vision to life. While there might be a few projects you can do on your own, it's best to hire the pros for bigger projects.

BRD has a full design team! We will not only help you with the design but also manage the entire project. We have a trusted team of contractors to bring any design to life!

Figure Out Logistics

Your duties don't end the moment work starts on your house. Before the first nail is hammered or tile is laid, you need to figure out the logistics of living with a home in the midst of a remodel.

Where are you storing the building materials? Will you be able to deal with the constant noise or do you have a quiet place to go to get away from it all?

Will you have to share one bathroom? Where will you be cooking and washing up?

Don't forget to figure out what will happen with your lawn and other greenery. A big renovation can cause a lot of wear and tear on your yard.

BRD will help walk you through this process and offer many ideas to help living through a remodel!

Your Complete Remodeling Checklist

As you can see, there's quite a few items on your remodeling checklist. You need to be able to make plans for before, during, and after your renovation.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Don't panic -- we're here for you!

We know what it’s like to experience a sizeable remodel but we provide a lot of support throughout the entire process. I have been told many times that working with us is like working with a friend and with that comes a sense of ease and peace. We want you to feel supported on the journey to your dream home.

Ready to get the remodel that you deserve? Contact us today and start bringing your vision to life!