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The Process flow chart
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I work primarily on an hourly basis of $150/hr for residential clients and $200/hr for commercial projects.

Hours are estimated at the beginning of each project, a 50% design retainer is required to start your project. We bill against this retainer, keeping you up to date on your design hours and remaining retainer. After the retainer has been billed against we then bill design hours once a month and collect the remaining hours due upon completion of the project.

We not only want you to love your space when we are finished with your project, but also feel good about your investment in hiring BRD!

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This is an hour and a half appointment where

we can talk about a lot of things!

Show me your Pinterest page!
We can do a walk and talk through your entire home and you can show me the rooms where you would like to see changes. Maybe you need suggestions as to help with the flow of your home from room to room. What paint color? Let’s choose one!

Maybe you are looking to do a full kitchen remodel, we can talk about how I can help you with material selections, layout, contractors, (which I have the best one ;)) all of those details that can make a project feel overwhelming. Or maybe you need some help with the placement of your living room furniture, we can get busy and move the furniture while I am there!

I can help you as much or as little as you need me to, so a consultation appointment is always a good place to start!

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After the initial consultation appointment you decide that you would like a little more help from BRD then I go back to the “nest”, (what we like to call our office:) and put together a proposal for you.

This is a very plain, not pretty proposal. Why? Because before I spend my time and your money, all projects come down to budget and it is VERY important to me that we agree and you feel comfortable with the budget from the beginning.

The proposal that I present to you will have a list of the items I think your room needs to meet your desires along with an estimate of how much I think those items will cost. In addition, the proposal will also have an estimate of how many design hours I think it will take for me and my team to complete your project.  

Once the proposal is complete we will meet again, at no charge, to go over your proposal and create a plan that works for you, your timeline and your budget so that we can help you love your space!

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Communication is SOOOOO important!!!!

Texting and emails are the best way for us to stay connected! I am often out driving to job sites or in a meeting helping others love their space and may not be able to answer the phone. But just like you, that phone is never far from me and I will make sure to reply!


I’m pretty much available anytime Monday through Friday, but come Saturday and Sunday I turn into a mom and wife, weekends are for my family.

Design Packages


Please note that I have a great staff that have been hand-picked and trained by me. They handle much of the day-to-day and production part of the job. I am the project designer, so all design choices and selections, all design decisions are finalized by me. They may help me with many things throughout the process, from management to errands, and much of your interaction will come through them. However, I am well aware of what’s going on with your project at all times.

I hope this takes some of the fear of the unknown out of working with a designer. It’s here for your information so that you can be better informed when we start.  Go ahead, browse through our gallery to see the results my team and I have delivered in the past. Now imagine about what we can do for you. . . 

Call Becky and her team today and see how they can help you love your space!
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