Your Ultimate Guide to Redecorating After the Holidays

by: Becky Robbins

Your house can look a little drab after taking down your winter holiday decorations. But, that doesn't mean you have to sit with your boring old decor after the holidays. We've got the top tips for redecorating after holidays to get your home looking great again. 

Change Your Lighting 

Lights, like the ones from the Christmas tree, are a major factor that affects the look and feel of your home. But, that doesn't mean you need Christmas lights year-round. 

Doing something as simple as changing out what lightbulbs you are using can completely change the mood in a room. Picking warmer or cooler lightbulbs, depending on what vibe you're going for, is an important part of your home redesign strategy. 

The natural light that comes into your home can also make a big difference in your new home remodel. If you have plenty of windows in your house, you can use different window coverings to influence what light shines in and how. 

You can also bring light into your home in different ways. Using white as a color keeps your home feeling brighter and more open. You can keep it as simple as using white accents. Battery powered candles also provide a wonderful warm glow to a room and most have timers to turn on and off automatically. 

Stay Warm This Winter 

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean the winter is. Keeping a cozy vibe in your home is needed when it comes to your plan to redecorate. Keep plenty of throw blankets and pillows around for the chilly snowy nights. 

Shades of blush, lilac, lavender and rose, will put you in that loving feelin' for Valentines day. baby blue and yellow can all help signal your move to spring. 

Transition to Spring 

One great way to make your post-holiday decor feel exciting is to start adding light touches of spring. This will give you something new to look forward to! 

Adding plants and other greenery can add a fresh new feel to any room. You can add more typical spring touches, like pastels and floral prints, if you want to truly commit to the transition to spring early. 

And, changing up the fabrics in your home can make it easy to make your home feel more like spring than winter. Lighter, airy fabrics like chintz, linen, or cotton instead of heavier options are a great choice for a spring feel. 

Redecorating After Holidays? It's a Snap 

You should be on the right track to getting your home looking fabulous once you start redecorating after holidays. Just make sure you choose what's right for your taste!

Let us help you love your space with a plan to redecorate! Contact Becky Robbins Designs to get started today. 

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